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Floristic grows new digital forms of regenerative impact.

With experimental and playful ways of organizing, Floristic is dedicated to lovingly making a difference.
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Floristic is about Learning Journeys for building Regenerative Futures


Digital Gardening

How can digital cooperatives make better decisions?
Digital Gardens are spaces where anyone can make sense of the stories being told, what happened, what can be done, and tell their own stories as a community. They provide a single source of truth for Project, Knowledge and Learning Management.

Garden of Imaginaries

A DIY governance game about cultivating collective dreams.
A do-it-yourself game for cultivating imaginaries of collaborative groups. It's composed of a flowerbed-board, seed-questions, fruit-answers and cloud-sessions. Combined, they offer an experience for sowing individual stories, reaping shared dreams, and coordinating next steps.

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Digital Bouquets

A blueprint for decentralized newsletters, digests and curation
Digital Bouquets can be used to organize discussions, opinions and valuable information in a decentralized way. Like picking flowers from the digital gardens where you belong. They are excellent for deciding about and presenting what is relevant. Digital Bouquets can take many forms, like newsletters, digests and curation.


Eclipsepunk is about stress testing solarpunk's visions of brighter futures.
Eclipsepunk aims to explore the limits of solarpunk narratives by continuously testing them in creative scenarios. This includes collaborative storytelling and worldbuilding tools like Design Fiction, roleplaying games, as well other forms of future studies such as art projects or installations with interactive components for exploring potential futures through creativity.


This is us The People of Floristic

The People of Floristic believes that the way we organize ourselves to produce knowledge will determine everything else we produce.

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DAOs that embrace the chaos within Give birth to dancing stars

Digital collage by Pedro Parrachia
Digital collage by Pedro Parrachia



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