About DoinGud
DoinGud is a social NFT marketplace that brings together creators, curators, collectors and social impact organizations to support the giving economy. It is designed and developed by a community of social impact entrepreneurs who have rallied around the founder's vision to empower communities to become self-owned, self-governed and self-sustained.
Our Story
The DoinGud community is the brainchild of Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru. At the onset of the pandemic in early 2020, Alzuru brought together hundreds of volunteers to develop a new online help board that allows people in need of assistance to connect with those who can provide it. After the successful launch of FightPandemics, Alzuru saw the opportunity to accelerate the pace at which communities can become self-owned, self-governed and self-sustained. He invited other entrepreneurs to join and create a community owned and managed NFT ecosystem where creators can engage with their communities and sell their work while donating a portion of each sale to social impact organizations they care about.
Our Platform
DoinGud is an NFT ecosystem exploring the future of digital content. It is a place where curated creators of multiple disciplines can connect with their fans and collectors while streaming funds to social causes they care about.
It is a social platform fully focused on doing good by empowering individuals, creators and organizations to communicate, collaborate and support one another.
With DoinGud, we allow creators to get the most value out of their work, elevate their creations, nurture their community and create value for their fans. We are focused on the long term and set ourselves apart through the following characteristics:
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Collaboration and automation:
Our platform makes collaboration easy by automatically distributing proceeds from primary and secondary market sales to their respective creators.
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Sustainability and eco-friendly:
We want to make a positive impact. Our platform infrastructure allows our transactions to have at least 95% lower fees and carbon footprint than the competition, making NFTs more accessible and better for the planet.
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Community-owned and curated:
We will empower and reward our community with the tools to be self-governed, and we want to create an altruistic space for creators, collectors, and curators to thrive.
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Resilient file storage:
A creator's brand image and relationships with their audience are everything, so it's important to make sure digital goods stand the test of time. By storing our NFT data using decentralized PermaWeb solutions, DoinGud ensures creations are around for both good times and long times.
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(blockchain agnostic) and future-proof:
Our platform infrastructure allows for cross-chain provenance and interoperability, meaning royalty streams stay intact, transaction history transparent, and creators have full freedom to move NFTs to their blockchain ecosystem of choice.
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Social impact and transparency:
A portion of all sales will go to causes our creators care about. They decide how much (min. 5%) and to whom. Users can follow the flow of funds from point of purchase to end destination, and creators can publicly display their positive impact via badges, rewards, and profile stats.
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Socialization, connection and consolidation:
By implementing social features within our ecosystem, we facilitate connection and make it easier to engage with fans. By encouraging and rewarding users to collect, participate, and support others, we make it fun to create impact and support art.